3 Reasons You’ll Love Roots Frozen Desserts Non-Dairy Ice Cream

3 Reasons You’ll Love Roots Frozen Desserts Non-Dairy Ice Cream

The perfect scoop of ice cream should have a creamy, smooth texture, a soft consistency and a rich, satisfying flavor. At Roots Frozen Desserts, we believe that a plant-based ice cream alternative should meet the same gold standards as dairy-based ice cream, and possibly even exceed them. We’re passionate about making healthy, eco-friendly, plant-based frozen desserts that are exciting, craveable and even indulgent.

We craft our frozen dessert from scratch in New Jersey with a just a handful of fresh ingredients. With flavors everyone will love, from traditional Chocolate to wildly tasty Vanilla Beet, Roots Frozen Desserts are a delicious plant-based frozen dessert that will leave you smiling after every spoonful.

Below are just a few reasons you’ll love Roots Frozen Desserts, the best 100% plant-based ice cream on the market.

We Craft A Deliciously Healthy Dessert

Our bodies are woven by the foods we eat, that’s why we have to be mindful of what we put in them. A whole-food, plant-based diet will do anyone a whole lot of good. But a common belief is that a plant-based diet means missing out on sweet treats. Good news: We’re here to dispel that myth! There is no reason to be deprived of the magical, creamy goodness that is ice cream.

Traditional dairy-based ice cream can leave some feeling bloated, lethargic and heavy. Roots Frozen Desserts is 100% vegan, made with superfoods that are high in fiber, nutrients and good fats, while also being low in sugar, sodium and calories. That means, indulging in a flavorful scoop (or three!) of Roots Frozen Desserts will leave you feeling satisfied and even refreshed.

We Use Only the Most Simple & Delicious Ingredients

Here’s the scoop: At Roots Frozen Desserts, we’re on a mission to prove that ice cream crafted from the fruits (and veggies!) of mother nature can be delectable. We use simple ingredients. You deserve to know what you’re putting into your body! At Roots Frozen Desserts, we turn nutrient-rich superfoods into delicious plant-based super treats, with flavors like Acai Bowl, Matcha Green Tea, Vanilla Beet, Sweet Potato Pie, Chocolate Hazelnut and Mango Berry. We craft our flavor combinations to surprise and delight ice cream lovers everywhere!

Although rich and creamy in texture, Roots Frozen Desserts is vegan, low-calorie and contains very little fat. Go ahead, reach for that second spoonful. At 100 to 170 calories per serving – you can indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt. Can you say #MoreDessertPlease?!

We Craft a Luscious Dairy-Free Ice Cream

It’s hard to believe that Roots Frozen Desserts ice cream is dairy-free. It’s that luscious. Roots Frozen Desserts are the perfect plant-based alternative to traditional dairy-based ice cream – made simply from whole fruits, vegetables, and natural ingredients. Don’t let a milk allergy, lactose intolerance, or vegan diet stop you from enjoying a decadent bowl of ice cream. Roots Frozen Desserts is a delicious dairy-free ice cream alternative that’s perfect for those with dietary restrictions and for those who are watching what they eat.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect plant-based comfort food, a deliciously sweet after dinner treat, or a healthy frozen snack, a pint of Roots Frozen Desserts ice cream is bound to become a staple in your family’s freezer.

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